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I grew up drawing and painting. Art has always been a strong influence in amy life. I cannot imagine living my life without the experience or presence of painting or being involved in art in some capacity. I was fortunate enough to teach art in elementary and junior high school as well as summer camp.
My work consists of multiple styles and is expressive of my interest in still life, the use of messages and words and interpretations of nature. I sometimes approach my work in a graphic, stylized manner. This is apparent in the way I explore color, shape, line and design that incorporates itself expressively within positive and negative space. Other times, if the subject dictates, I work in a free-flowing style. This contrast in style provides me with the satisfying balance that I am seeking to attain in my work.
I work with mixed media, watercolor, inks, gouache, colored pencil, collage and acrylic. I rarely use reference material but digest everything I see and enjoy expressing myself in a creative, free-flowing style. I work with a specific color point of view with the goal of pursuing a strong personal aesthetic as well as focusing on formal and technical skills.
My paintings are colorful expressions of what I see and feel. I have exhibited in invitational, juried and solo shows and have won numerous awards. I am very thankful for the creative gift I have and the ability to share it with others in a positive way. Being an artist has opened many new doors for me and I feel very fortunate to have shared exciting workshops and travel experiences.
I look forward to the next door that opens and the uncharted paths it will lead to. It is a wonderful life experience with many rewards yet to attain.
Kay Ray holds a BS, Art Education from Hofstra University and studied Liberal Arts at SUNY Stonybrook. She has also studied Printmaking at Bennington College, VT.

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